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The caustic opinions of a politically incorrect fat cranky jackass.
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Feb. 1st, 2016 @ 06:03 pm Are they learning anything? Anything at all?
The scientific literacy of the average fanfic writer is beginning to appall me. For what seems the hundredth time I've just spotted a story where the protagonist learns that one of the characters lives in a hollow tree and assumes there must be "some sort of magic" involved to keep the tree alive.

Except that living hollow trees exist in the real world. Animals live in them. Actual trees only have a narrow band of living tissue between the bark and the inner wood of the tree, where the xylem and phloem (the circulatory paths of the plant) exist; so long as you don't cut through that all the way around, the tree will live. This was once basic education in elementary science; how plants grow. I have known this since grade school.

Yet alleged high school and college age children-- you know, the ones who rant and rave about saving the trees-- are completely ignorant of how trees grow.

Forget grammar and sentence structure: basic vocabulary eludes many of them. If I had a dime for every time I have seen "leered" used in place of "glared...."
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Dec. 19th, 2015 @ 02:18 pm The Moon is Rightfully America's
Or at least it was, by some of the oldest laws known to humanity--- Right of discovery and conquest. From the moment we first planted an American boot on Lunar soil.

Until our government essentially it away.

"Thief! Thief! The American wants to steal the Moon!" Oh shut up. First time ever that we land on territory that doesn't have natives to wring your hands over or trees to hug, and you're gonna squeal that we wanted to claim it? Typical. You won't let us claim an airless, lifeless rock out of sheer spite. So our milksop government folds like wet toast and makes some blithering proclamation about how the Moon "belongs to the nations of the world"--- despite it being American scientists, technology, and astronauts that made the trip possible. Thereby guaranteeing that nobody would EVER go back.

We should have told y'all to go pound sand. The usual crowd of French popcorn farts would have squealed about American Imperialism (over a BARREN AIRLESS ROCK no less), and Kennedy should have looked them in the eye and said "You want to stake a claim there? Come and get it." And given presidential orders for a permanent lunar military base. Wouldn't have to be much: just a little space hut occupied continually by one or two men.

Within the week every country on the planet that could screw a nut onto a bolt would be building a lunar colony rocket, just to spite us. We and every other country on the planet would have mining colonies on the Moon today, and we'd be halfway to settling Mars, if we had just treated the Lunar territory like every other territory on the planet: first come, first served.

Instead we gave it to the biggest collection of do-nothing weenies on Planet Earth--- the United Nations. And the Final Frontier died on the pagan altar of collectivism, at the hands of the Tragedy of the Commons.

We could still do it today. We SHOULD still do it today. The Space Race would take off the next day.

But of course not. That would be too CAPITALIST.
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Nov. 25th, 2015 @ 12:26 am "You don't like it? You Can Always Leave--- but God Help You if You Try."
A pro-statist will argue that by living in a society, you agree to the social contract-- "and if you don't like it you can always leave." Many of conservative or libertarian leanings seem to be stumped for an anwer to this, or meander about with periphable questions I would like to say that there is a much simpler reply to that rather condescending statement--- one that will bring them to a stone dead halt:

"Can we?"

One of the first things states do is begin to restrict efforts to leave the state. What was the American Revolution but a British Empire trying to punish those who tried to leave it? They sent an armada across an ocean to

And the American Civil War--- the Union didn't give a damn that the South owned slaves Until the South tried to take itself and its land and leave the Union. Then the Union sent down soldiers and started KILLING people. Back then people still understood freedom, and this act was shocking enough that it induced at least two fence-sitting states to leave the Union in horror at such a crime.

Red China, the Soviet Union, Cuba and North Korea routinely murder anyone who attempts to flee their loving embrace. In North Korea it is illegal for citizens to leave the country even temporarily: at public exhibitions the "North Korean" audience is made up of Chinese hired by the government to fill the bleachers.

And theocracies are the same--- Islam calls those who leave the faith "infidels" and demands their beheading.

Even less oppressive societies such as America, Great Britain, Canada, etc. incline towards this. They throw heavy bureaucratic obstacles in the path of taxpayers (especially ones with deep pockets) who attempt to leave their control, and if you succeed in departing they will use any pretense that you "owe" them something to send agents of their revenue service to pursue you and take your money, or even drag you back in chains.

Any serious attempts to secede--- to depart the "social contract" with your property in the form of land still in your possession-- are effectively impossible; the state will implement violence to prevent it. In fact it's "common knowledge" in the United States of America that you "don't have any right" to do so. In America, the country whose very existence as a sovereign State makes this a lie.

Those who say "If you don't like it, leave," are really saying "If you leave your land, your homes, your properties, and your wealth behind we might-- just might-- let you escape with your lives." And that's if the State holding you at gunpoint is one of the more benevolent ones. Many will just shoot you.

In the argument about Statism and individual liberty, "You can always leave" is a lie.
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Nov. 6th, 2015 @ 01:27 pm Cherry Pickin' Word Weasels
BTW: if any of you see Wanderer Wolf lurking about, peppering my posts with "corrections..." Be made aware, he's a cherry-picking pedant who will use equivocation and obfuscation to contradict even the self-evident.... and then will shamelessly crawfish when cornered.

TL;DR: he's a lying word-weasel.

He takes advantage of the fact that few people have the time or patience to dig through the rubble for the truth about his surprisingly obscure "facts" or his inevitably questionable sources.

For example, in an earlier post on Facebook he tried to claim that a meme about the number of terrorist attacks (Christians 0, Jews 0, Muslims several thousands) was false-- because of "christian terrorists in asia." It takes a good bit of digging to find that this is pretty much a blatant lie--- The reality is that in the country of Tripura, they have a rebel faction which the current Communist regime is calling a terrorist organization... and is accusing the Baptist church of financially backing them.


How progressive of them. They used to just call them "counter revolutionaries."

But don't ever expect Wanderer Wolf to disclose any of this RATHER RELEVANT INFORMATION.

Feel free to ignore him. Trying to break him of this little habit of his is like mud wrestling with a pig--it only exhausts you and the pig enjoys it.
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Oct. 3rd, 2015 @ 03:20 am The Origins of the American Public Education System: Horace Mann & the P...
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Sep. 13th, 2015 @ 08:19 pm Will you SHUT UP about the poor people?
You people, I'm a stone-hearted conservative and you're even honking ME off!

1. Admit it: minimum wage workers ARE being screwed. Taxes are eating them alive. Unseen taxes--- like fiat-currency inflation, social security, etc--- are making it worse. And their hours are being cut, too.

2. These people fix your food, clean your VILE FILTH up after you, and put up with your spoiled Western bullcrap every day. They do work that, by DEFINITION, you wouldn't do yourself. So shut up about how "lazy" they are.

3. Shut up about how it's their fault for not "bettering" themselves. When you're up to your ass in alligators it's a little tough to drain the swamp. Most of them are down at the bottom of a muddy pit, scrambling to try and climb out. Most of them won't make it.

4. The fact that there are people with doctorates waiting tables shows just how much your traditional "self betterment" works in the job market today, too.

5. Yes, they're ignorant of basic economics if they think raising the minimum wage will help. By the way, thanks for that sub-standard government education you gave them.

6. Yeah, they're going on strike. Just like your generation, your father's generation, and your grandfather's generation taught them to.

7. Either you can talk about how working an entry level job isn't meant to be lived on, or you can talk about how in your day you went to college and paid for it with your part time jobs. Pick one so we can decide which end you're blowing the gas from.

8. When TWO part time jobs aren't enough for ONE person to live on, yes, the situation is SCREWED, and it's not the part time worker's fault.

9.Laugh up your sleeve all you want about those automated burger kiosks.... you're going to need TWICE as many workers just to maintenance, repair, clean and babysit them. Boy you sure showed us.

10. The fact that your soldiers, Firemen and EMTs work for less an hour than the minimum wage workers want doesn't prove how greedy the burger flippers are, it proves what a stingy, selfish and ungrateful bastard YOU are!
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Aug. 8th, 2015 @ 04:41 pm Short-run Kickstarter--- less than 30 days left!

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Jul. 24th, 2015 @ 07:27 pm NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH ZAZZLE
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Jul. 20th, 2015 @ 01:29 pm Let's improve the Mobile Home.
How I would design mobile homes...
No wood, and no plywood or fiberboard--- Start with a steel shipping container. Same size as a mobile home, WAY stronger. Generally about $2,000-$3,000. so it wouldn't raise the price too much.

Mount it on wheels, but add drop-down lockable steel legs, like a trailer on a 16 wheeler has. None of this stacking up loose cinder blocks. Make it so the wheels can stay on, too.

Pex lines for the water. run them INSIDE the trailer, along the baseboard where you can get at it easily. Not everyone can crawl under a house to fix a leak, and frozen pipes are a nightmare, especially for someone poor enough to be living in a trailer.

Run the electrical wiring along the edge of the ceiling. Again, you shouldn't have to rip out your walls just to fix or update your wiring, or your plumbing.
Keep that stuff EASILY accessible-- hide it behind a cover if you're fussy, but really...

Forget skirting, the skirting they make is flimsy crap that tears right off in a high wind. It should be a crime to sell that stuff. A trailer should have built-in drop-down panels all the way around.

The worst part of trailers is they are so horrible for climate control--- an icebox in the winter, a solar powered roasting oven in the summer. You spend a fortune on power not merely to be comfortable but to even be able to LIVE in your home. As in, it could literally be FATAL to try and live in a trailer without an AC. Let's FIX that.

There should be a second roof or awning, just a foot or so above the actual roof... a sort of mini-attic space. Makes room for insulation, plus that gap means you don't have the sun beating straight down on a black shingle roof in the summer. put a fan at either end of that gap and it becomes a breezeway, keeps the house even cooler. Put a second set of fans UNDER the trailer, for double the cooling.

it should include a solar preheater for the water. Just some looped copper tube painted black in a sealed flat box, with a glass pane for a lid. Feed the water line in one end, attach the water heater to the other, and put the panel on the roof. The sun will heat the water before it enters the water heater, saving hundreds of dollars in electric or gas even in winter, for maybe 100 or so bucks in plywood, glass, copper water line and paint. It could even be adjusted to help heat the house in winter, with a few dozen more feet of line running to a copper pipe radiator inside.

Electricity stopped being a "luxury" ages ago.If you run gas lines, the trailer should include an emergency electric generator that can run directly off that line, or off a propane tank. That way if the lines go down, you still have power in your house.

Windows should be double paned and of a manageable size. Huge picture windows on a trailer don't help; they let in light but they also let heat IN during summer and OUT during winter.

For better lighting, there should be shuttered skylights in every room, or even just one running the full length of the trailer. There are ones that are two frosted half-globes connected by a flexible tube of reflective foil, so you could put one on the outside roof and connect it to the globe on the inside. Either way, again an electricity-saving measure. They do this in 3rd world countries with soda bottles filled with water stuck through the ceiling. A trailer should at least aspire to something that works that well.

No fake wooden paneling. It's ugly, you can't do anything with it, and it's DARK which means it makes it harder to light your home. Let it die in the 70s where it belonged. The interior should be in light colors, and paintable surfaces.

Put the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry fixtures as close together as possible, all at one end of the trailer. shorter water lines equals fewer problems.

A small woodburning heater should be included as well. More options in an emergency is better all around.

Both front and back doors should be double wide. People gotta get furniture into and out of these things, after all. Since we're starting with a shipping container, keep those big double doors at the end. Simple stairs or accessibility ramps should be a must as well-- they don't need to be fancy, just STURDY. Build them out of the stuff they use for fire escapes.

Bathtubs are notorious water wasters, and they're ruinously difficult for the elderly to climb into and out of-- a major mobile-home-owning demographic. A walk-in shower with a sit-down bench or stool should be standard. In fact, waterproof the whole bathroom and put a drain in the floor, Japanese style. Put a reversible ventilation fan in, to speed drying. Put a ventilation fan in the laundry room too. Recycle heat from the dryer to help warm the house in the winter. Heck, floor drain, ventilation fan and waterproof floor in the kitchen too.

Fire, smoke and CO2 alarms, and a sprinkler system should be built right in. We put them in warehouses, they can't be too expensive. Gas leak detectors would be smart, if they make such a thing-- Why aren't these things a part of housing construction automatically anyway?

Burglar alarms. BURGLAR ALARMS please. Even if nothing more than a panic button attached to a klaxon. Nothing needs be expensive at all-- just a contact switch on the doors and windows attached to a bell. No house should be an easy mark.

Wall-to-wall carpeting... should be left out. Let's be real, people; the stuff is the worst fad of the 20th century. It's dirty, it's nasty, it gets stained and vile it harbors dirt and lice and mold and fleas and it stays filthy FOREVER because it's officially impossible to properly clean because you can't pick it up. Yes it feels nice on your bare tootsies, that's a stupid reason to cover every floor with a filth farm. The only reason it's in mobile homes is to cover the cheap junk they use for flooring. There's wood paneling, there's tile, there's vinyl, there's plenty of inexpensive options and they'll save you costs to your wallet and your health in the long run, and throw rugs look MUCH nicer and are far more stylish.

Glow in the dark light switches. likewise glow spots on doorknobs, drawer handles, spigots, hallway corners, etc. Trivial and silly sounding-- till the lights go out in the dead of night and you gotta pee.

Come to think if it, a glow in the dark toilet seat....

A 50 gallon steel drum for a built-in back up water cistern. Easy to use shutoff valves-- not spigots, knife switch style--- at several points in the house. Likewise for the electric system.

Note: Nearly all of the above changes are low-tech, many are things that amount to minor changes in layout and materials choices, several are long-term money SAVERS and all of them improve the safety, comfort and durability of the typical mobile home. And seeing as you pay almost as much for a new mobile home as you would for a "proper" house these days, the costs of changes are negligible. Handyman types feel free to run the numbers and tell me different, but when people everywhere are building microhomes for less than the cost of a used car, I suspect I'm more than right.
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Jul. 4th, 2015 @ 04:11 pm Nip and Tuck
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